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6.10.21 Amy Beekeeps Solo

Hive 2 check, Sting #1 on first pull! In her defense Amy was not wearing gloves. Queen was released and the cage removed.

Hive 4 was sweet and calm, and the queen was released. Hive was quiet.

Hive 5 Sting #2; the cage had fallen to the bottom of the frames. The queen is an Isabee's Carneolan Queen. Bees obstructed the view so Amy removed a few frames to reach in and remove the cage. Hive was agitated. The queen was released. Confusion with vented inner cover. Bees were attacking Amy. Bees followed Amy all the way to the car. It was a difficult hive visit. Hive tool was flung into the woods.....

Hive 7

Amy wanted to check and it is the best example of a laying worker hive. This was a Buzz's shocked queen in shipping. The hive is lost. No way you can save a laying worker hive. The image below is what a laying working brood pattern looks like.

Hive 8 Nook is a beautiful. This is a MO after swarm queen from hive 7. She is in one deep. Look for crowding to add the top box.

Hive 1 was not inspected

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