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5.10.21 Checking on the New Queens

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Hive 1: Hive check after 3 days indicated the queen was released. The bees in the hive ate through the candy cork and released the queen into the hive.

Hive 2: We left hive 2 alone since we directly released the queen during our last visit.

Hive 2 still doesn't have a top brood box. I kept the hive in one deep so it would be easier to find and replace the old queen. We will leave the queen alone for 10 days and check on her progress then.

Hive 4: Hive check indicated hive 4 was thriving. They had a queen and a honey super and had already filled in most of the frames with Black Locust honey. It is a difficult crop to harvest since the bloom time is early and the nectar can easily be downed out by a heavy rain.

Hive 5: Hive check indicated hive 5 was in good shape. They were also filling frames with honey, but not to the same extent as hive 4.

Hive 7: A hive check on the swarm hive indicated the queen was not laying. She needs at least 3 weeks to mate and settle in. We used the queen clip to grab her and put her in the nook. Tomorrow we will move a newly mated and ready to lay queen from California into hive 7 (it's currently being banked in the nook) and we will use the new swarm queen from hive 7 to start a new hive, she can take all the time she needs to start laying. No pressure!

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